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The warmth and materiality of wood combined with the cold shade of blue revolutionize the atmosphere of the environment. The blue, recalling the sky and the sea, blends elegantly with the surrounding furnishings.


✔ 1cm thick phenolic pine plywood, stucco, water-based colors, metal nails, hemp twine.

Layout of the panel with boards arranged vertically

Processing with painting techniques

 Water-based flats to fix and protect the surface.

 Vintage nails

 Each map is provided with two wooden strips positioned on the back side to facilitate attachment to the wall while maintaining a distance from it.

 Weight of a painting of 120x70cm is about 4 Kg.

 All paintings are handmade and often custom made, minor or subtle changes may occur with your painting. Your painting may not be exactly the same as the image you ordered from. It will be nearly identical, but not exactly the same. What I can promise is the quality of the work we deliver, and it will be as beautiful a painting as you expect.

The coordinates of your destination flow to become the fulcrum of the work.
Your map is unique, enter the gps coordinates and the name of a place you love andwill be engraved in the lower left of the painting.

The realization times are about 15/20 days
Delivery times are from 3/10 days depending on where you are.


To protect the artwork well during international shipping, all paintings packed with bubble wrap and in cardboard and then placed in custom made boxes. The painting is ready to hang. For more info on shipments go to the sectionshipments.